Benefits of Returning to the Office

The Benefits of Going Back To The Office Post COVID-19

It is only evident that COVID-19 has changed how we live life and the way we work moving forward. The importance of a person’s environment work related or not, has an incredible impact on decision making, productivity and in general, the way people live about their lives.

As working from home has been the norm for the majority the last few months, this only works for some people some of the time.

As restrictions are easing in Queensland and business’ slowly get back into normal routines, here are 5 benefits on moving back into the office and especially in a Serviced Office facility.

A Special Serviced Office Community in Logan

Community is so important for humans, we crave for it. More so, the office environment for an employee is very important as it is a critical place to meaningfully connect with their colleagues. Without this workplace environment and interaction, other major issues stemming from isolation can evolve.

Increase in Productivity and Learning

Working back in the office environment and being connected back with other colleagues can drive productivity and engagement as they are able to focus. The home can cause a lot of distractions that can decline engagement which then leads to lack of productivity.

Working out of the office also does decrease the opportunity for learning for an employee and upskilling from an employer to their employee.

Developing the Culture of your Business

Developing a healthy culture for your business is vital. It drives motivation and happiness to your employees which then filter to high quality service which then evidently leads to success. Developing your healthy business culture can be much effective in a workspace/office, where culture examples are physically seen and exemplified. This is harder to be seen when your employees are split working from home.

Ease of Communication

There is no doubt that technology has been a powerful tool during the time of COVID for business’. The use of an online platform for communicating has been the lifesaver for many business’ during this time. However, as much as zoom conference calls is a great communication tool, being in an office removes the time spent organising meetings for simple conversations or questions that can be easily rectified when you have the person right there in the office or even walking distance. In essence, in person meetings and encounters with co-workers are much more difficult to replicate online.

Networking Opportunities

With different business’ located in a Serviced Office facility, there are so many networking opportunities missed when working from home. Nothing beats the casual conversations that occur over making your morning coffee in the kitchen.

Here at M1 Business Hub in Logan, we are located in a prime networking hub reaching business’ from the Redland Bay region, Ipswich region, Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane.

We have a safe facility with individual segregated offices to help people ease back into the office space environment. We have regulations throughout the facility to ensure strict hygiene is implemented in order for people to come back into the office where people can experience all the positives listed in this blog.

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