The Rise of Satellite Offices

With technology advancing and the work/office space looking different in the near future, there are massive benefits that business’ can reap in investing in a serviced office or ‘satellite office ‘which essentially is additional branch of a company/business.

Serviced offices are the perfect satellite office solution, where it allows businesses to tap into different areas and expand customer reach.

What M1 Business Hub can offer when you are deciding to select a satellite office facility for your business:

1. Location

Location is a significant factor firstly for your employees and their commute and secondly the service area you want to reach within your business. M1 Business Hub is located in a prime location that is a central meeting point for Ipswich, Redlands region, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Perfect for the travelling sales rep.

2. Cost

Office space can be quite an expense for your business. A great benefit with M1 Business Hub’s private office space, is that it is an all exclusive low monthly cost with no outgoings. You can also choose the best suited term, whether long or short for your business’ needs. This is a great opportunity to test if satellite offices work for your business.

3. Layout of the facility

Another important aspect to take into account is the layout of the facility and working space. M1 Business Hub offers a range of different sized offices that are all private and segregated with many different desk layouts and plenty of storage.