10 Ways To Help Your Business Get Through COVID-19

COVID-19 is inevitably affecting everyone and every business in some sense all around the world.

Here are 10 ways to get your business through COVID-19.

  1. Update your financial statements
  2. List possible impacts on your business and estimate the financial impact
  3. Perform a financial health check on your business
  4. Redo your budgets with new assumptions
  5. Act now to improve cash flow
  6. Increase online sales (if possible)
  7. Put in place a contingency plan
  8. Talk to key suppliers
  9. Identify employees with critical skills for your business
  10. Measure, measure, measure!

The team at M1 Business Hub are always here to help in any way, offering  short term leasing options for business’ and staff that do not have suitable at home setups or address’ for mail delivery.

Contact us on 07 3387 0111 for any assistance we can provide.

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