Flexible Serviced Offices Between Brisbane And The Gold Coast

One of the biggest benefits of a serviced office is the fact that you do not have to deal with a long-term lease. Most offices have a minimum of a one-year lease, if not three, five, or ten years. This is a long-term commitment and doesn’t provide you room to grow or shrink. By contrast, a serviced office typically has an agreement 12 months of less. Contact us today on 07 3387 0111 to chat further.

Try Out Locations

Our Loganholme office is perfectly located between Brisbane, Gold Coast, Redlands and Ipswich.

In addition to the ability to end or change your office, the flexibility of a serviced office also makes it possible to test out different locations in the city. This is particularly useful if you frequently interact with clients and want to be in a convenient spot for them. Spend a few months in one location, then a few months in another, and compare how it goes.

No Need to Rent Over Sized Spaces to Fit Occasional Amenities

Most companies only need certain amenities, such as a conference room, every once in a while. With a traditional office, you are stuck allocating the space and maintaining it, no matter how often you will use it. With a serviced office, by contrast, you can just book the space and pay a small fee for the times you need it, likely hourly.

No Wasted Time to Get Services and Amenities

When you set up a traditional office, you will need to take the time to buy desks, tables, bathroom supplies, printers, and other amenities, as well as to sign up for utilities. By contrast, a serviced office is already fully equipped and furnished, so you can just move in, get working, saving time and money.

Minimum Overheads Needed

Since you do not have to buy furniture and supplies or sign a long-term lease, there is much less overhead needed to use a serviced office than there would be to get your own office. This makes a professional, productive space more accessible, regardless of your company’s financial position.

Get a Prestigious Space

Because of the lower overhead costs associated with serviced offices, even small businesses are able to enjoy the prestige associated with having a private, fully furnished office. In most cases, this simply would not be possible with a traditional office.

Enjoy the Latest Amenities

To further enhance that sense of prestige, serviced offices tend to have more modern resources that are well-maintained. This applies to teleconferencing equipment, printers, and more. This can improve your productivity and decrease downtime due to tech failures.

No Worries About Maintenance

Serviced offices mean that you do not need to worry about hiring someone to take care of maintenance or allocating the time of one of your staff members to do so. Instead, the office takes care of it and factors it into your monthly rent/membership, saving you plenty of hassle.

No Worries About Administration

Another area that the serviced office will automatically take care of is administrative staff, saving you yet another expense and sparing you the hassle of finding someone to take on this role. After all, serviced offices are already fully staffed.

Networking Possibilities

Finally, consider that most serviced offices will have multiple tenants within their given buildings. This gives you plenty of built-in networking opportunities that can help accelerate your business, particularly in the case of a startup. Over the past few decades, commercial real estate has undergone significant changes. The global economic crisis, fast-paced technological development, job positions going online, a rise of the sharing economy all have a bearing on the approach to a workplace. In the era when sustainability goes hand in hand with agility, there is a viable and more flexible alternative to the traditional restrictive leases with long-term tie-ins.

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