What Makes A Good Coworking Space?

When it comes to deciding what makes a good coworking space, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration. So in this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the aspects associated with coworking spaces and how they might influence your decision when it comes to choosing what makes a good coworking space for you and your business.

What A Coworking Space Should Have


Location is probably one of the biggest influences of all when it comes to deciding what makes a good coworking space. The last thing you want is hours of travel eating into your busy schedule or your hard-earned budget.

That’s why M1 Business Hub makes the ideal coworking location. Conveniently located in Logan, the centre is just half an hour’s drive from either the Gold Coast or Brisbane.

Energy & Well Being

As an entrepreneur or SME, you value your independence, but at the same time, you probably thrive off other people’s energy.

So when it comes to choosing the right coworking space, it’s important you find a balance between high energy and a professional work environment.

After all, you don’t want to feel that you’ve just walked onto the set of the highly acclaimed TV series WeCrashed  – all loud music, shouting, and beer pong, but likewise, you also don’t want to feel you’re sitting in the university reading room.

The Option to Choose

It might seem odd, but one of the major reasons for choosing to work in a coworking space is the sense of freedom it gives you; no longer do you need to spend all week sitting at the same desk in the same office with the same view.

Coworking spaces give varied seating arrangements, allowing you to choose where you want to sit or stand (if that’s what you prefer) and where you feel most productive.

For example, you might want a physical space that gives you the opportunity to think and reflect without being distracted, a small meeting room, or you might choose to be part of a larger communal group that enjoys the occasional lively debate.

Changing where you sit or stand on any given day gives the brain a fresh perspective and allows you as an individual to function better and enjoy a healthy work life balance.

Inspiring Design

Almost by default, the rise in coworking spaces has led to inspiring design.

Gone are the days of blue carpets, drab pictures of landscapes or outdated quotes on the walls and polished teak desks with a tired coffee machine stuck in the corner that resemble all the style of a doctor’s waiting room as opposed to a place where dreams are turned into reality.

Today’s coworking spaces bring a fresh new vibrant look to the workplace and embrace change. The interior design is chosen with you in mind, and every table or chair is there to engage with you and not for its form and stated function.

Lighting is another component that helps create a working atmosphere that allows you to perform better. The best coworking spaces will have varied lighting levels that balance areas designed for work and those intended for break time (such as a sleep pod or game room).

Maintaining lots of natural light throughout the day can help work as an extra motivator for staying focused and keeping on track. Of course, a lot of this comes down to personal preference.


Modern facilities and the most up to date leading-edge technology should be a given when it comes to deciding what makes a good coworking space.

Along with this, a good coworking space should provide you with access to various facilities, including a high-quality coffee bar, experienced community managers and a choice of different-sized meeting rooms, including a high-level board room style layout to more informal smaller private offices and a meeting room.


There are many reasons why more and more of us are choosing to be part of the coworking space movement, and we have covered some of them in this article, but undoubtedly one of the key reasons they are so unique and popular is that they give you the opportunity to network and engage with like-minded soles.

The pandemic changed how we interacted with each other; in-person meetings were initially replaced with remote workers and video calls. Then, many video calls were transferred over to email, so the ability to engage or network with one another became limited.

Today, thankfully, with restrictions lifted, the opportunity to meet in person and get around the table to swap ideas at networking events is very much back on the agenda and nowhere is this more prevalent than in a coworking space.

What Makes A Coworking Space Unique?

Spending all week sitting at the same desk in the same office isn’t for everyone. However, working from home or in spaces like coffee shops have its drawbacks, as both environments can be noisy, cramped and full of distractions.

This is where the coworking space comes in, as not only do they offer you a respite from the repetitive scenery of the office and mundane business hours, they give you a choice to be either part of a large community or to enjoy the peace and quiet to get work done distraction-free.

Furthermore, it is suggested that being part of a coworking community increases motivation, productivity and helps to create a sense of worth and belonging.

They have also been shown to be fantastic places to network and meet like-minded individuals you may not have had the opportunity to connect with otherwise.

Finally, for those who prefer the freedom and flexibility of sitting in a traditional office every day, choosing between working in an open-plan workspace or taking a private booth for the day can be quite refreshing.

Finding The Right Coworking Space

Deciding what makes a good coworking space is always going to come down to personal choice. But hopefully, this article will give you an insight into some of the things you might want to consider when searching for a successful coworking space.

To learn more about good coworking office space in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, talk to the team at M1 Business Hub; you can reach them on 07733 870 111 or info@m1businesscentre.com.au.