8 Ways Brisbane Co-Working Spaces Are Creating Transformation

With the latest Startup Muster report suggesting that Brisbane has surpassed Melbourne to become the second-largest city for start-up founders to locate their businesses. It’s easy to see why a coworking space or shared office space is quickly becoming more popular among modern businesses looking for flexible options when renting office space.

So with this in mind, we’re going to look at eight ways in which coworking spaces and shared offices in Brisbane are impacting the way companies do business and how they are helping to create a business transformation on a scale that’s not been seen before.

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Why Coworking Spaces Make Sense

For some time now, coworking spaces have become an increasingly popular choice for start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners looking for adaptable solutions outside of the traditional office arrangements. Here are just eight of the reasons why that makes sense.

Only Pay For What You Need When You Need It

For any small business or start-up, controlling overheads and reducing operating costs are often critical to their success.

So, in contrast to standalone private offices and their restrictive and often expensive long-term leases, coworking services such as those offered by our team here at M1 Business Hub make perfect sense as they allow businesses to pay only for what they need when they need it.

Flexibility To Suit Your Individual Business Needs

Coworking office spaces are not only particularly advantageous for small businesses or contractors who find the concept of renting an entire office unpractical due to staffing levels.

They also offer companies the flexibility to add additional space for any length of time, meaning that they can scale up or down as required.

A Professional Work Environment

Whilst meeting a potential new business contact in a coffee shop makes perfect sense for an informal chat. It’s hardly the environment to deliver a full-blown pitch – for that, you need a professional and well-equipped meeting room that reflects your business.

At a coworking space like M1 Business Hub, they have the flexibility to offer everything from a selection of two-person meeting rooms all the way up to a state-of-the-art 25-person conference room.

Not Paying For Expensive Office Furniture or Equipment

Instead of business owners going to the expense of paying for office furniture and equipment, modern coworking spaces like those here at M1 Business Hub in Brisbane provide everything a company needs to be successful.

This includes essential everyday items such as dedicated desks, chairs, storage units, general office supplies, high-speed internet, and the latest presentation technology when required.

All a business needs to do is turn up and get started, saving time, money and resources that would otherwise be tied up on setup expenses.

Enjoying The Best Of Both Worlds

Coworking spaces allow businesses the opportunity to offer their staff the best of both worlds. They can work remotely from home in addition to having the use of an office-based environment.

This arrangement has proven to improve productivity and create a working environment that complements each employee’s needs. Plus, it enables staff members to feel more supported as they can access various resources when needed.

Reconnecting With The Outside World

While for many, working remotely has been a recent form of business transformation. There is nothing quite like in-person contact and human interaction.

Coworking spaces provide an excellent opportunity for staff members to reconnect post-COVID with the outside world by enabling them to foster a sense of community and collaboration.

It allows them to improve communication with each other, participate in brainstorming or training sessions and build strong relationships in a working environment where they feel comfortable.

The Ability To Transform Your Business

While there can be no doubt that coworking spaces offer immense practical and functional opportunities for small businesses, where they truly shine is their ability to transform a business by giving the owner the ability to have access and network with other like-minded individuals.

Such opportunities may lead to a host of potential collaboration possibilities, joint ventures, or the chance to exchange ideas which could lead to developing innovative solutions that transform business growth.

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Coworking Spaces Will Be The Future of Business Transformation

As more and more people work as freelancers or start their own businesses, the future of coworking in a city such as Brisbane is likely to be even more popular than it is today.

Coworking spaces will continue to transform how many companies do business as they offer them a place where they can simultaneously work both professionally and socially and enable them to present in a professional office environment.

Finding The Perfect Coworking Space To Transform Your Business in Brisbane

While coworking spaces offer far more advantages than disadvantages for businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers alike, providing an excellent flexible option for companies looking for an innovative and productive way to work, the quality of service and support they offer is not always consistent.

Hence why, if you’re searching for a coworking space in Brisbane that will allow your business to transform, it’s essential you speak to a team of professionals like those here at M1 Business Hub.

To learn more about M1 Business Hub and how we can help transform your business in Brisbane CBD, the Gold Coast and other locations, call us on 0773 870 111 or info@m1businesscentre.com.au

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Typically What type of people work out of a coworking space?
Along with entrepreneurs and freelancers, coworking spaces tend to attract a diverse range of creatives that include: web developers, graphic designers, freelancers, a media studio and many more. They may also attract marketing companies, start-up tech businesses and small established businesses.

Do coworking spaces encourage networking?
Yes, at coworking spaces like M1 Business Hub, they actively encourage and hope that anyone working out of there gets to make the best connections in their field.

To help with this, most coworking spaces are set up as a community with break-out areas so that people can naturally network, collaborate and make relations that will last them and their business a lifetime.

Usually, it depends on how the coworking office space has been set up. In some coworking spaces, it is possible to have your own dedicated desk, whereas, in other locations, you might find they run a hot desk system that allows you to rent the desk by the hour.

Also, it depends on what you are looking for; some people in a co-working space want to work independently from others, while others actively embrace being part of shared workspaces.

Do coworking spaces have conference rooms that are more than just the basics?
At M1 Business Hub, they can provide a clean, well-equipped and fully-furnished conference room that can be configured to accommodate up to 25 guests comfortably and can provide a tailored solution for everything from employee training and induction to an event space for introductory client meetings for companies across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.