What Equipment Is Provided With A Meeting Room Hire?

With more and more coworking spaces becoming available, it is vital that you find one that matches your budget and offers you all the resources and office equipment that is essential to your business needs. This is particularly relevant when it comes to hiring meeting rooms. So to assist you in finding the right meeting room, we have outlined some of the specific equipment that should be included within the room to ensure your meeting is a total success.

What Is Needed in the Meeting Room?

Meeting space table
Meeting space table

Enough Floor Space

Always pick a meeting area with enough space so that people won’t be crammed in because of a lack of it. Everyone will require a chair, possibly together with a seat at a desk or table. When in doubt, it is preferable to be safe and book a bigger room.

Air Conditioning

You don’t want anyone to be distracted by the oppressive heat if your meeting or training session is being held in the summer. To regulate the temperature and the flow of cold, fresh air throughout the space. You will require air conditioning for this.

The Main Heating

Similarly, the worst is holding a meeting or providing training when everyone’s teeth are chattering, and their fingers have turned blue. A productive meeting will not be feasible if the temperature is too low.


The greatest conference rooms have big windows that let in a lot of natural light. To let in the fresh air, you ought to be able to open them. Additionally, blinds or curtains should be installed in the windows to block the sun’s rays during specific times of the day.

Equipment for Presentations

Meetings, training sessions or company events frequently include PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, or other forms of presentations. Therefore screens, a white board, projection, or AV equipment should all be present in the meeting space to make it as simple as possible to set up and deliver any visual aids.

A Power Outlet

It’s possible that everyone attending the meeting intends to use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If they don’t have a battery or their charge runs out, they could need access to a mains power supply. Therefore the meeting room must have a plentiful amount of outlets placed throughout it.


There must be a method of connecting individuals to the internet, regardless of whether the space has Ethernet cables, Wi-Fi, or fixed-line internet connectivity. It should be easy to identify the network name and password if wireless broadband is being utilised, and logging onto the network should be simple and straightforward. Furthermore, it would be helpful if you had access to either video conferencing equipment or at least be able to make conference calls.


Meeting rooms typically benefit from using bright colours like light white or neutral colours. You shouldn’t reserve a space where the walls are painted black. Additionally, it shouldn’t appear to look like a school project, as this will only help divert attention from the actual tasks at hand.

How Do You Organise a Meeting Room?

Office Interiors
Office Interiors

Plan the Arrangement of Your Space in Light of the Meeting’s Objectives

Consider utilising a boardroom style” seating arrangement around the table for a discussion-style meeting so that each delegate can see the others. Consider using one of our various conference rooms. The rooms are arranged in a circle of chairs without tables or tables for casual conversation or company team meetings.

To Have a Successful Meeting Or Event, One Needs To Plan Who Sits Where

It would be best if you thought through the seating arrangements for your attendees in business meetings; avoid seating coworkers close together as they may be inclined to chat rather than participate in the group. Think about placing individuals from several departments near to one another so they may interact and share ideas with the rest of the group.

Easy Accessibility

Ensure that you have easy access to all the catering options, including tea, coffee, and refreshments necessary for doing business. All these amenities are conveniently located in most of the meeting spaces, ensuring that your attendees or employees feel at home and comfortable.

What Can Meeting Rooms Be Used For?

Group of People in a Conference room
Group of People in a Conference room

Client Meetings

Instead of using a busy office space or a local coffee shop, meet with clients in a modern, stylish conference room. Doing so will gain credibility because your clients will be impressed by the polished, exclusive setting and will be confident in your business acumen.

Work Sprints

The conference room makes an efficient workspace when teams need to bunker down to finish a project. The rooms free team members from their typical routines, strengthen teamwork and make it easier for them to be in close proximity, which is essential for collaboration.


Developers and other members of the Skillshares Community can use office space for skillshares, where they can learn new skills and share their own. This might be anything from a brief writing or programming session to a history lesson or a sketching lesson.

What Makes a Good Conference Room?

Women Colleagues gathered inside Conference Room
Women Colleagues gathered inside Conference Room

With a well-equipped meeting room, not only are you able to converse more effectively and forge long-term business relationships, it might make the difference between sealing the deal or losing a client.

So it’s essential that before you book the meeting location, you run through your conference room equipment checklist to ensure you have an efficient meeting space that mixes the best of cutting-edge technology and the right equipment like:

  • Physically and visually comfortable
  • Quiet
  • Private
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Versatile
  • Free wifi

Here at M1 Business Hub, we can provide you with everything you need for your meetings, from comfy chairs to the very latest in technology. So, you can be at ease if you need a small client meeting or a larger conference room with the services provided by M1 Business Hub. Get in touch with us to know more.